16 Weirdest Movie Names Of All Time: What Were They Thinking?


We’ve all been taken aback by some of the title choices Bollywood has made over the years. ‘Daag: The Fire’ comes to mind. What’s scary is that there are way worse names Bollywood has gone with. And this strangeness has been going on forever.

In 1925, there was a movie called ‘Handsome Black Guard’. Silly me, I thought blackguard was an old-timey gaali. In 1982, someone thought ‘Aa Takli Teri Maang Bharu’ was a great title to go with! I kid you not. Google it! The year after ‘DDLJ’, in 1996 that is, they made a movie called ‘Haseena Haathi Waali’. Go figure!

Here is a choice selection f some of the worst movie names of all time. Enjoy!

1. ‘Kuku Mathur ki Jhand Ho Gayi’ (2014)

Why this name? Why?!!


2. ‘Doodh Ka Karz’ (1990)

Erm! WHAT?!! Also, why the naagin dance?