6 Funny WhatsApp Chats Among Mom & Kids We All Can Relate To!


Moms are the sweetest and most loving creatures who love us selflessly and beyond limits. They are certainly the greatest gift from God and perhaps it’s surely said that God has created mothers because HE can’t be present everywhere. Only they are able to listen the untold, sense our pains even when we don’t share them with anybody and resolve all of the troubles like magicians!

They might be over protective, behave unusually and at times, weird; they want their kids to be the best and that’s why, make comparisons with others’ kids. However they simply can’t see us going through rejections or failure in any area and motivate us in the best possible manner. Indeed, they’re particular, like no different and no one in the world can ever take the vicinity of moms!

Take a look at some of the Epic Mom-Son WhatsApp Conversations ?

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