Bollywood Celebrities Who Turned From Riches To Rags!


4. Achala Sachdev

achlaShe was Balraj Sahni’s ‘Zohrajabeen’, and she died a very painful death. She was absolutely ignored by her son who lived in the US and also by her daughter who lived in Pune. When she died in a hospital in Pune, neither her family or her friends were at her side. Rajiv Nanda, one of the close family friends of Sachdev, said that he has been in touch with people from the film fraternity and updated them about Sachdev’s health. However, he said that there was no one to take care of her at the hospital.

5. A K Hangal


A K Hangal who was popular actor, who played the roles on the screen as father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. But at the age of 95 years, he passed away. Having worked in many famous films A K Hangal’s last time was spent in the most trouble. He could not afford the treatment which was required to cure and his son also expressed an inability to raise funds. After hearing of his plight, Amitabh Bachchan came forward and gave him Rs 20 Lakh for his treatment.