Remember The Cute Girl Tina From Mr India? Here is how she looks now


We all adored the cute little girl Tina from the super hit blockbuster Mr. India, and we are also curious as hell to see the transformation that she must have been through in all these years. There is surely a lot of discussion amongst us about every child actor that we loved as kids and Tina is surely one of them.

So, here are the answers to the questions about Tina. Thank us later, btw.

She was the cutest kid of Mr. India family.


Getting a few glimpses of one of my favorite child stars of Bollywood, Tina, turned me nostalgic and took me back in the times of 90s.


The scene that probably gave all of us teary eyes.


Then the war began and we saw the Bollywood superhero, Mr. India into action.

Tina, the character, got immense popularity from the movie. But, we saw Internet talking about her again and this gave us some hope.

Maybe, she doesn’t know, but we missed her.

Here is what Shekhar Kapoor, the director of Mr. India had to say after someone tweeted him about Tina.


Shekhar Kapoor also cleared the air about why he killed Tina in the end when he wrote this on his blog.

“There is always a thin line between farce and fantasy. I was having so much fun shooting the characters of Mr. India, with such fine actors, that I thought the film would be turning into a farce. And films like Mr. India can not turn into a farce, they must be like a fantasy that makes you believe in what is happening, or there will be a rejection from the audience, especially from Children. There is a sense of emotional involvement and believability that rides through the film.”

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