Check Out These Unseen Pictures Of Sunny Leone With Her Family


If there is one name in Bollywood that sends hearts racing on rocket speed, it is of the hot and sizzling Sunny Leone. From being a porn star to slowly climbing up the stairs of success in Indian film industry, Sunny Leone is all about women empowerment. She does not hesitate in talking about her past and has no qualms in going bold onscreen even today.

Sunny Leone is much more than an angelic face and hot bod. She has achieved success and popularity on her own terms and is proud of her decisions. The earlier adult star was born in a Sikh family and was named Karanjeet Kaur Vohra. However, after entering the porn industry, she adopted the name of Sunny Leone. She has a brother who works in a popular restaurant in US as a chef. The beautiful actress married Daniel Weber in 2011 and leads a happily married life since. Here are some unseen pictures of Sunny Leone in her childhood besides some candid moments with family.

1. Sunny with her dad


Seen here is the cute Sunny with her dad. Her dad succumbed to cancer in 2010 while her mom had already departed for the heavenly abode in 2008.

2. Sunny in her Childhood


This is the once cute and doll-like baby that grew up into an angel called Sunny Leone.