This Indian Man Has 350 Girlfriends! You’ll Be Surprised To See His Style Of Duping!


Nowadays, marriage related frauds have become extremely common; every now and then we hear of duping cases. Sometimes it is the groom’s family that dupes the bride, while sometimes it is the other way round. You need to be very safe while registering on a matrimonial site, as it is the major platform for such frauds.

Today, we will tell you the story of a man who duped girls in the name of marriage. He has not 1 not 2 but 350 girlfriends, can you believe it?K.Venkat Ratna Reddy from Andhra Pradesh used sweet talks and made women fall for him; they actually did. Hemarried those women and then cheated them. However, Reddy didn’t escape clean; he was jailed for the same.His master plan!

He somehow managed to obtain a business visa and passport to the U.S and travelled there. After Reddy reached there, the first thing he did is put up his profile on a famous matrimonial site. Prospective brides started approaching him. His first target was an NRI girl; Reddy duped her family of Rs 20 lakhs, can you imagine? He did the same with others too.The family of that NRI girl immediately approached the CCS police and a complaint was lodged against Reddy. It was his bad luck that he couldn’t be successful in his plan; police tracked him and arrested him from his residence in Guntur district (Andhra Pradesh)

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