Secret Of This Amazing Magic Trick Revealed In This Video


When you go to magic shows or see different levitating performers on roadside, you might have wondered how on earth is that possible? It makes you doubt GRAVITY! But, apparently you do not need to stop believing in Science just yet. This magic trick actually involves a simple method and that is described here in this article. If you also want to fly high in the sky, maybe you can also bring that to use to fool other people. Those who do it certainly are no exceptions to Gravitational laws nor are they some kind of aliens possessing incredible powers. Read more to know how they do it.

Here Is the Magic Trick Revealed here in the Video

It involves three basic things.


There is a special device which is used to perform this magic trick and it consists of three main components, which you will see with every magician who performs it: the seat, the shaft which extends up from the platform into the sleeve of the performer and the platform which they cover with a certain kind of rag. The shaft and the seat remain covered by the baggy clothing of the performer. If you have this device with you, you will be successful in performing this trick as easily as they did.

They are no saints.


There is actually a very simple trick involved which many people just like him, follow. They are no saints who have magical powers but simple human beings.

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