Om Swami’s Video Is Going Viral! He Talks Rubbish About SRK, Aamir & Saif


Om Swami, the Bigg Boss 10 contestant has always been famous for his controversial nature. Moreover, his past has also been very messy. He had tried slapping a woman on national TV and even a legal case has been filed against him because he stole bicycles.

Forget all that, Om Swami’s new video is going viral and you can’t miss that at any cost.

In this video Swamiji is speaking about Saif Ali Khan, Aamir Khan and SRK and it has some very weird comments. He says that Saif, Aamir and SRK have married Hindu girls and if they don’t switch to Hinduism, he will kidnap them and convert them forcefully. This is sheer rubbish, don’t you agree?.

Check out his video where he claimed to kidnap, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir and Saif Ali Khan..