This Woman Lost 42 Kgs In Just 10 Months & Now She Has Become An Internet Sensation!


Sometimes it’s good to get hurt on your heart for better future and this statement fits perfectly to Harshi Suraweera. Harshi (29) got emotionally hurt when her friend uploads a group photo on the social networking site Facebook.harshi1-505x357

It was very surprising for her that people started posting negative comments on her looks for being overweight. This incident forced Harshi to bring a change in her life and she was ready to give 100 percent from her side.


Harshi, who is basically from Sri Lanka but lives in Melbourne, has told Daily Mail Australia that only in the first 10 months of her fitness regime. She lost 43 Kgs as her weight reached to 64 Kgs from 107 Kgs.


Here’s what she wrote on her blog,

“My first step to changing my lifestyle started with a certain photo on Facebook. A friend upload a group photo, and I got a lot of negative comments about the way I look. I was devastated and depressed. But I decided to take the first step to changing my body from that day onwards.”